Fresh Coffee Beans vs Coffee Capsules

Fresh Coffee Beans vs Coffee Capsules

There is a secret your pre-ground coffee capsule isn’t telling you. Freshly ground coffee tastes better.Businesses often sacrifice quality for convenience when it comes to coffee machines. Pre-ground capsules are convenient. We are here to tell you that there is another way.


Why Does Freshly Ground Coffee Taste Better

It boils down to basic science. The flavor and caffeine that we love in our cup of java is extracted by boiling water. The roasted bean is ground in order to efficiently extract the natural oils, increasing the surface area that the boiling water comes into contact with.These delicious oils are preserved inside the bean. The minute the bean is ground, the oils are released. This is where things get tricky. These oils are surprisingly sensitive to outside influences like contamination, moisture, and loss of oxygen and carbon dioxide.


Here are the reasons why ground coffee loses its flavour:

Odor contamination spoils your coffee’s natural taste.Any moisture contact dilutes the oils, weakening the taste.Oxygen is essential to coffee’s characteristic aroma. Once ground, the oxygen molecules are released. 60% of the aroma is lost after the first 15 minutes. Now imagine how long those capsules have been sitting in that box.

Carbon dioxide plays a vital role in getting those natural oils into your coffee. Unfortunately, 80% of the CO2 is released into the air after 60 seconds, depriving you of 80% or more of your coffee’s taste.


How Can Businesses Have Freshly Ground Coffee In Their Office?

You don’t need to hire an additional staff member to grind coffee for the company french press.Freshly ground coffee machines not only exist, they are surprisingly affordable.Renting a whole bean coffee machines in Western Australia has never been easier.

Our machines offer coffee lovers all of their favorites. Enjoy lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, short and long blacks, or even hot chocolate from our rentals. Each cup contains only the finest freshly roasted espresso beans, made to your preferences.


You can rent a small machine or a large, depending on the size of your business.

We have desktop machines that serve ten cups a day and larger machines that serve over 100 cups a day. You can pay as you go or opt for a flat rate fee.

Not only does our coffee have that delicious, freshly brewed taste, we also provide maintenance free service.

We offer short term and long term rentals, making it easier than ever to provide your customers and staff with the best tasting coffee around.


Experience The Taste Difference

We invite you to experience the taste difference for yourself by renting one of our whole bean coffee machines for your business. With same day service and exceptional customer relations, we know you won’t look back at the stale beans in your old capsule coffee maker.