Bialetti Moka 4 Cup Moka Espresso Maker

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  • Patented safety valve, easy to check and clean
  • Made In Italy
  • This is the original genuine Bialetti 4-cup Moka

  • Our most popular Bialetti Moka, the 4 cup will be your most priced manual espresso maker for the coffee enthusiast.Get the well proven design genuine Moka from a maker with an impeccable history.Robustly built from a time tested design, it is very easy to use and clean. All replaceable parts are readily available.
    Bialetti is definitely one of the best Moka pots out there, in terms of quality and materials. Yes, you can get cheaper ones, but sometimes it’s worth paying more. It’s also worth noting that you cannot make a true espresso in a Moka pot as this requires very high pressures. So you won’t get the crema sitting on top. But your average person won’t know or tell the difference, and you can always enjoy serving it to a coffee snob and seeing how they react. 
    The Bialetti cup size is ESPRESSO sized cups, not mug size. So this 4 cup size takes about 200 ml of water in the base, which after brewing, gives about 150 ml of strong dark coffee. The rest is lost in the coffee grounds, through evaporation, with a bit remaining in the base; that is part of the process and is normal. The 150ml is about 3-4 ‘shots’, which can be served as espresso size, or watered down with hot water for large Americanos, or add milk for latte, or steamed milk for cappuccinos. That’s exactly what the coffee shops do; take 1 or 2 shots and make the drink to suit. So it will make espresso size for 4 people, or Cappuccino/Latte size for 2 people.

    There is a technique to using it, and it takes several goes to get it right. But once you do, it’s as simple as it gets. Fill up the base with cold tap water. Fill up the funnel with ground coffee. It takes about 18g but you don’t need to measure. Screw the top on. Put it over a gentle heat, after a minute or two the coffee slowly streams out, and then remove it from the heat when it starts spluttering. Less than 10 minutes from deciding to have a coffee, to sitting down and enjoying it.

    Some have difficulty knowing how high to have the heat, but it’s easy to work out. Simply fill the base, put it on the heat, and see what gas/electric mark you need to make it gently boil. 

    Cleaning it is easy. Once it’s cooled, take it apart, dispose of the grounds (very good on the compost) and wash everything in hot clean water, ensuring it’s dry before storing it.

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