Boomer's Kick - Double the caffeine of any "normal" coffee bean! 5/5 for strength

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Size: 1kg
Grind: Whole Bean
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SEVEN TREES COFFEE - Boomer's Kick  -  500g and 1kg

Our blend of Vietnamese Robusta and 100% Arabica beans roasted to a full dark finish, will leave you with a virtually bitter free full flavoured strong coffee to the end of the cup or mug :)

This blend originated due to the need for a coffee that would provide for a morning "kick" to get you going with a creamy full coffee flavour and a smooth finish of subtle peanut and chocolate.

  • Both Varietals are Naturally Processed & Sun Dried.
  • COFFEE FOR EVERYBODY - Sustainably Sourced and Proudly Roasted, Blended with home coffee machines in mind.
  • ALL OUR COFFEES ARE ROASTED in Our Environmentally Friendly Loring Roaster to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint.

Cupping Notes: 

Earthy with chocolate nuances and a hint of peanut and virtually no bitterness.

 Roast Body: Full City 

  • Roast Level: Dark
  • Caffeine Level:  Caffeinated with almost double the caffeine content of a full Arabica bean.

A good Robusta bean is very hard to find, and fortunately we have found that bean :)

What is it that makes Monsoon Malabar world renowned as being suited to espresso?  Its cup profile is soft, low in acid and smooth, allowing for a full body. Definitely likeable and truly ideal for anyone on an espresso quest. Any acidity that might have been in the bean is washed out during the monsoon season resulting in a much softer and fuller tone in the cup.

Our blend for the coffee lover who likes a strong coffee with a full balance of just pure coffee and tones nutty peanut notes over a lingering dark chocolate.

Would prefer to try the BOOMERS along with other coffees in our stable, then order the sample pack instead.

What is a blend :)

A coffee blend consists of two or more individual coffee beans that may be mixed together in the raw state (green) prior to roasting or they are roasted separately and blended after roasting. We only roast our blends together.

An important aspect of coffee bean blends is to harness the characteristics of multiple individual coffee beans so they can "work together" in producing a superior result compared to any individual bean. As an example, a sweet, fruity, high acid Central American bean may be lacking body or finish and it can be blended together with a low acid, long finish bean that may not be so sweet. The result may provide a sweet coffee with a long finish.

Of course, not all blends work as they may have originally been designed or intended.

Blending different coffee beans is a skillful art - for coffee roasters it is a lifetime journey in learning and experimenting.

For our blended coffee, we look at how we can create a wonderful and memorable cup of coffee - rich, smooth and creamy.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

The Fresh Roasted Coffee process begins at the source. Our coffees are chosen and established with great love and greater yet - consideration of origin, flavour profile and quality. All of these components help us to deliver consistent, exceptional coffee with true approachability.

Coffee Storage

Coffee has four age old enemies; heat, light, air and moisture. The way coffee is stored is essential to keeping it fresh and ready to enjoy. Storing coffee in conditions that expose it to these elements will allow for the coffee to lose its. flavour rapidly. Coffee should be stored in an airtight container. We suggest either a glass, metal or ceramic version. Coffee should not be stored in the freezer, contrary to popular belief, as it leads to moisture extracting the flavour of the coffee. Coffee beans are porous and will also absorb unwanted flavours from your freezer.

What Is In My Coffee?

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives.

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