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Isomac Tea Due

Isomac does not only have one flagship-but several. Tea is definitely one of them. You can use Tea Due to steam milk and make an espresso at the same time. There is always plenty of steam in the spout, and at the same time the machine is ready to brew the perfect espresso, at the right temperature. With the help of the manometer you can follow the pressure of the boiler close up, and at the same time you can keep an eye in the steam spout :)


  • FREE Tamping Mat
  • FREE Tamping Seat
  • FREE 1000g Coffee Beans from our selection.


  •  "Cool Touch" Steam and Hot water outlets. The Isomac Tea Due, has both steam and hot water arms in "Cool Touch" which means they are warm to touch rather than the hot traditional arms, as well as being easy to clean as the milk doesn't burn onto the arm.
  •  1.2 Litre Boiler: Good sized boiler to help maintain temperature stability of the grouphead.
  •  Electronic water level control: Low water level in the reservoir is indicated and of course the pump is still disabled should the water level become critical.
  •  Large tray: The Isomac Tea Due, although small in footprint, offers a large drip tray which makes for practical user operation, esprecially when purging the group head before and after each shot.

About Isomac

Isomac is an Italian company of long tradition, producing high quality semi commercial espresso coffee machines and grinders since 1977. Isomac provides functional style and elegance, and is the solution for those individuals with a passion for making excellent coffee. The company's founder, Giovanni Fontana, had extensive experience working in a several of Italy's famous espresso machine companies before going on his own and starting up Isomac in Macherio and later re-locating to Milan where Isomac range of espresso machines are now manufactured. The Isomac range of domestic machines are not only functional but also highly stylish, as such an Isomac espresso machine is the ultimate accessory in your kitchen or home office.

What is in the box:

  • 1 x Isomac Tea Due
  • 1 x Complete Single Portafilter (Group Handle)
  • 1 x Complete Double Portafilter (Group Handle)
  • 1 x Blind Filter Basket for back-flushing
  • 1 x Group Head Brush

What else might I need

  • Knocking Tube
  • Milk Jug

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