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The slim and fully automatic Caffeo Solo coffee machine which focuses on the essentials like: pure coffee enjoyment with freshly ground coffee bean machine at the touch of a button.

With its minimalist design, compact dimensions and ease of use, sometimes less is more - more coffee enjoyment and more space.

Product information "CAFFEO® SOLO® Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Silver)"
Create barista-style coffee at home with the Melitta Caffeo Solo bean to cup coffee machine.

With 2 different coffee programmes to choose from, you'll always have a deliciously rich and aromatic drink ready at the touch of a button. You'll never have trouble filling your cups either, thanks to the height-adjustable spout. When you need an extra caffeine boost, the long coffee programme is ideal for creating delicious americanos. The brilliant memory function effortlessly makes the perfect drink every time too, as it will remember all your favourite selections. You won't even have to worry about maintaining this model, as the auto clean function keeps it working at its best.

Companion® App

The app includes tips and tricks for delicious moments of coffee enjoyment as well as numerous service features. In addition to information on the perfect coffee, illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through the maintenance programmes. The app also gives you help with understanding the functional status of your coffee machine with the aid of the diagnostic tool.


Puristic and compact

20 cm wide 32.5 cm high 45.5 cm deep - the SOLO®  is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines in the world. But still, it has enough room for high quality Melitta technology.



More flavour with pre-brewing: The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing process. As a result, the flavours dissolve better and where do they end up? In your coffee, of course.


Individual coffee preparation

Coffee enjoyment without compromise: Choose your coffee strength and temperature: with a single turn you can match the amount of coffee to your preferred cup size.


Double Cup Mode

Make two cups of coffee or espresso simultaneously at the touch of a button.


Height adjustable coffee outlet

For one or two cups, mugs or latte macchiato glasses - the coffee outlet is height adjustable to 135mm.

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Removable brewing unit

It would be nice if it was simple wouldn't it? With Melitta® it is… The whole brewing unit can be removed and is easy to clean. This makes the inside of the machine accessible too, so it can also be cleaned easily.


Water filter

To make your coffee taste even better, use a Melitta® Pro Aqua water filter. Another advantage - your fully automatic coffee machine only needs to be descaled once a year**. Why? It‘s obvious - the filter prevents lime deposits in the water system for as long as possible. **Based on a 120 ml cup 6 cups a day and changing the filter 6 times according to the appliance specifications.


Automatic cleaning and descaling program

Communication is everything. Your fully automatic coffee machine informs you on the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled.


Contemporary energy efficiency

In addition to a programmable energy-saving mode, Melitta® fully automatic coffee machines have a practical Auto-OFF feature. This allows you to determine when your fully automatic coffee machine switches itself off automatically. Of course, you can also disconnect the appliance from the power supply manually using the 0-watt switch.


Mission eco & care

We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

Product details

Automatic grinding quantity regulation: yes
Drip tray: Stainless steel drip tray
Control display Water filter change: yes
Coffee spout 2 Cup cover: yes
Cover warm milk: no
Grinding degree setting: 5-level
Water filter compatibility: yes
Bean Select (2-chamber bean container): no
Setting coffee strength: 3-level
Aromasafe-lock: no
Weight (without packaging): ca. 8 kg
Shaft for instant coffee: no
Energy-saving mode: yes
My Coffee Profile: no
Pump pressure: 15 Bar
Setting water hardness: yes
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
App support/control: Companion App
Voltage: 220-240 V
Individual setting of water quantity: 30-220 ml (stepless)
Once a year descaling: no
Height-adjustable spout: yes
Automatic cleaning and descaling system: yes
Dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 303 x 200 x 455
0-Watt switch: yes
Water tank volume: 1,2 l
Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): no
Programmable reference keys: no
Service menu key: no
Colour: Black, Silver
LED cup lighting: no
model number: E 950-103
Cup warmer (passive): yes
Number of pre-set coffee variations: 1
Quiet grinder: no
Italian Preparation Process (order of ingredients combination according to original Italian recipe): no
Operation: Button
Brewing temperature setting: 85°C/ 90°C/ 95°C
Hot water supply: no
Power max.: 1.400 W
Bean container volume: 125g
Premium conical steel grinder: yes
All-in-one spout for 2 coffee-milk specialities simultaneously: no
Guarantee: 2 years
One Touch: Espresso, Cafe Creme
Cable Storage Compartment: no
Pre-Brewing Feature: yes
Milk System: No milk foam system
Milk container: No milk container included
Removable Brewing Unit: yes
Active Level Monitoring Bean Container: no
Auto-OFF Feature: yes
Display: LED Symboldisplay
Model Series: Solo



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