Stainless Steel Coffee Knock Box




  • EXCELLENT DESIGN - A complete stainless steel unibody design with an elegant mirror finish, using only the best materials. Equipped with a removable steel re-enforced, shock-absorbent silicon bar. Combined with a full-surface rubber base, which does an excellent job at noise reduction while in use
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The knock box is dishwasher safe, rinsing it with water works fine as well. Disposing of the coffee grinds is easy, simply flip the knock box over to dump the grounds into a trash bin or a compost bucket. The circular design ensures coffee grinds and liquid residue never get stuck inside the knock box.
  • PERFECT FIT - The knock box fits comfortably on top most home espresso machines drip trays, which is great for space-saving. It's beautiful mirror finish will complement any coffee machine it sits next to. Together with the materials used to make this knock box, it can last years unlike other plastic alternatives (below you will find additional product information, including the item's dimensions).
5/5 Great coffee knock box

Reviewed in Australia on 31 January 2020

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Very strong and sturdy. Perfect compact size which does not take up much room. Practical and good looking on your bench.

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